Industrial & Agricultural Chemistry

Industrial and Agricultural Chemistry

Offering comprehensive analytical and research services to the Zimbabwe Sugar Industry

The department focuses on:

  • To provide support services to the Sugar Industry stakeholders in the analysis of soil, sugarcane, foliar, fertilizers and water samples.

  • To provide fertilizer advisory services to farmers (rates, timing, application and type of fertilizers)

  • Carrying out research to diagnose soil and plant nutrition constraints (pH, salinity/sodicity, critical levels of nutrients)

  • Promoting good agricultural practices for sustainable soil health (organic matter).

  • Development of efficient analytical test methods and research on the development of co-products of sugarcane. 

  • Collaborating with other scientists (Agronomists, Agricultural engineers, Biologists, Entomologists, Mill Chemists and Engineers, Plant Breeders and Pathologists) to complement, extend, and accelerate progress in sugarcane research programs.

Dr Washington Mutatu (HOD)

Senior Industrial Agricultural Research Chemist

Mr Elias Muzira

Senior Research Laboratory Technician

Mr Hardlife Rambwawasvika

Senior Research Lab Technician